About this item

  • Jojoba Essential oil has anti-ageing properties that makes it a vital part of your daily skincare routine
  • Jojoba Essential oil has the moisturizing properties that nourishes dry hair and skin leaving them soft and supple
  • Jojoba oil is a rich source of Vitamin B, C, E, Zinc and Copper, hence, it is ideal for the nourishment of the hair and skin
  • Rosa Mystica Jojoba Essential Oil is made with utmost love and care by the women of Uttarakhand to provide adequate nourishment to your hair and skin
  • The quality of ingredients, freshness and adequate processing used at Rosa Mystica, makes a premium quality of product that is valued by our customers globally

Pure And Natural Jojoba Essential Oil Body and Hairs (30ML) (PACK OF 1)

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