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  • Studies have shown Amla to be 30 times richer in Vitamin C than an orange. Vitamin C helps in the formation of WBCs which fight infections. Bioactive compounds like tannins also fight against free radicals, helping keep the immune system well-armed
  • The bioactive compounds are potent antimicrobial agents that combat antigens, thereby helping keep the body free of disease-causing germs and infections
  • Aloe Vera Juice is a well-known ingredient in the beauty industry when it comes to hair and skin related issues. Since Aloe Vera is water dense, its hydrating effects help in reducing the frequency of acne and pimples and keep the skin nourished and supple
  • Aloe Vera Juice helps combat a variety of digestive disorders and common acidity troubles. It helps promote a feeling of fullness which indirectly keeps a check on your weight management goals
  • Add 30ml juice using the measuring cap to 30ml water. Consume twice a day before a meal. For best results, complete at least 1 bottle.

Rosa Mystica Amla Aloe Vera Juice Glass Bottle Natural Immunity Booster

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