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  • Studies have shown Amla to be 30 times richer in Vitamin C than an orange. Vitamin C helps in the formation of WBCs which fight infections. Bioactive compounds like tannins also fight against free radicals, helping keep the immune system well-armed
  • The bioactive compounds are potent antimicrobial agents that combat antigens, thereby helping keep the body free of disease-causing germs and infections
  • We source our Amla directly from Uttarakhand, which is considered the heartland of Amlas, where it is organically grown. We extract the juice using natural methods and no chemical processing
  • Our natural Amla Juice doesn’t have any added sugar, sweetener, or taste-enhancers. We do not tamper with the taste of this natural juice. We don’t believe in compromising on the quality
  • Add 30ml juice using the measuring cap to 30ml water. Consume twice a day before a meal. For best results, complete at least 1 bottle.

Rosa Mystica Amla Juice Natural Immunity Booster with No Added Colors Glass Bott

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