About this item

  • Our Buransh Extract is a perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavor of Himalayan Rhodo/ Burans flower loaded nutrition and amazing health benefits
  • The product have Natural & Organic Pulp with No artificial chemicals Grown and No Artificial Sweeteners No Artificial Colors
  • You don’t need to add sugar. You have to mix one part of extract and three parts of water for a perfectly balanced drink for consumption in terms of benefits and sweetness
  • The drink is made from the Buranshflower, which is freshly grown in the Himalayan Ranges, then cultivated to make it for use
  • The Buransh Extract is packed with loads of health benefits like which Helps in regulating Blood pressure and reduces Cholesterol Helps in managing blood sugar level (Anti Diabetic) Highly effective in asthma Boosts Immunity and increases focus

ROSA MYSTICA wellness Premium Buransh (Rhododendron) Squash and Juice Glass Bott

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